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The Bystander Theory

The Bystander Theory

Gabriel Folse began his fascination with movies as a child, by studying movies, as well as filmmakers. He started shooting his first movies on an 8mm Bell and Howell camera that his mother gave him at the age of eight.  It was in 1980, that Gabrielís mother informed him of director Ed Dmytryk, Gabrielís first acting teacher, moving to Austin to teach beginning acting classes.  At that moment, Gabriel knew that it was time to quit the real estate business  and begin, as an adult, a career in film. 

Gabriel has performed on stage and in television series, movies of the week, and major motion pictures. His acting experience includes work in Los Angeles for ABC, Universal, and Metromedia, as well as work in New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas on a variety of film and television projects. His directorial work includes the award winning, experimental short film, IN GOD WE TRUST.  It received the Bronze Award at Worldfest West in Flagstaff, Arizona, one of only three awards given in the experimental category.  He wrote, produced, directed, edited, and appeared as an actor in the project. As an actor he has worked with many top film professionals and with many top directors including  Clint Eastwood, Lawrence Kasdan, Oliver Stone, and Jon Avildsen.

His television appearances include WALKER TEXAS RANGER, GIDEON OLIVER, and THE YOUNG RIDERS.  Gabe also had a supporting role in Episode Six of INTO THE WEST, a miniseries for TNT.  His feature film appearances include MISS CONGENIALITY, A PERFECT WORLD, and WYATT EARP, among others.  His writing experience includes, one act plays, three feature length scripts, and a novel. He has been involved in many aspects of filmmaking including casting, producing, directing, writing, editing, acting, and cinematography. He has also appeared in national and regional commercials and was given the Singular Performance nomination by Robert Fairies, theater critic for the Austin Chronicle, for originating the role of Garland in Ellsworth Schaveís A TEXAS ROMANCE. He has served on the Austin Arts Commission, Theater Panel and is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and The American Federation of Television and Radio Announcers.






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