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Gabriel Folse
has worked as a professional actor since 1981, 
and has been teaching actors since 1984. He directed
his first feature film, "Guilty",  in 2007 and it is now 
being submitted to festivals. The full credits and synopsis
can be found at www.guiltythefilm.com.
Gabriel welcomes students from all walks of life, 
with or without any acting experience. 
He has studied a variety of acting methods, including 
Meisner, Stanislavsky and Charles Conrad, 
but has developed his own unique style of teaching, 
which incorporates elements of his life-long 
martial arts practice,the study of psychology, 
philosophy and religion, 
informed by his years of real-world experience in 
film, television, and stage work.
On films, he has worked with such notable directors as 
Clint Eastwood, Lawrence Kasdan, Oliver Stone and Jon Avildsen, 
on locations in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, 
from network studios and large-budget western film sets, 
to guerilla-style, independent film locations. 
His feature film roles include appearances in 
“Cassidy Kids” and “Miss Congeniality” (with Sandra Bullock)& 
”Where the Heart Is” (with Natalie Portman),
“Wyatt Earp” and “A Perfect World” (with Kevin Costner).
Television appearances include the pivotal role of 
Col. James Forsyth in TNT's Spielberg-produced mini-series 
Into the West”.
(see imdb.com for a comprehensive list of his film credits)
Gabriel also has extensive experience behind the camera, 
as a writer, director, producer, cinematographer and film editor. 
His directorial work includes a feature-length dark comedy/action-thriller 
and several short films, 
including the award-winning experimental short “In God We Trust” 
which received the Bronze Award at WorldFest West in Flagstaff, Arizona. 
He also produces and directs commercial marketing videos 
for local business professionals and for Ballet Austin. 
His written work includes 
several plays, feature-length scripts and a detective novel.
While working as a casting assistant to Jo Edna Boldin, 
Gabriel gained valuable insights into the casting process 
for films and movies of the week, 
from the first interview, through callbacks with directors. 
Auditioning is a special skill, which Gabriel teaches, 
along with evaluation of headshots and resumes. 
He is also a professional headshot photographer, himself.
Gabriel's theater experience includes a year with a comedy improv troupe. 
He was also nominated for the Singular Performance award by Robert Fairies, 
theater critic for the Austin Chronicle, 
for originating the role of Garland in Ellsworth Schave's play, 
“A Texas Romance”. 
He has served on the Austin Arts Commission Theater Panel, 
and is a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and 
The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA).
Academically, Gabriel holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government 
from the University of Texas at Austin. 
Some of his most-appreciated and formative learning came from 
(and continues to this day, with) Bob Foshko, 
head of the screenwriting department in Radio-Television-Film at 
The University of Texas at Austin since 1979. 
His first film acting teacher was Edward Dmytryk. 
The classes were held at a school known as 
“The Austin Community Movie Company” 
begun as a film-specific program which featured classes 
including lighting, acting, and theory. 
The theory class was taught by Tom Schatz, 
another University of Texas teacher and author. 
After three years of working and study, that same company 
asked Gabriel to teach their beginning acting program.
As an interesting note, the first film Gabriel appeared in 
was a graduate thesis film from the University of Texas at Austin, 
based upon a Stephen King short story entitled ”The Children of the Corn”. 
The short film, directed by John Woodward, went on to win 
the Dramatic Merit Award at the Student Academy Awards in Los Angeles. 
Several years later, the short story was made 
as a feature film by a major studio.
“I feel it is important to note that if not for my early exposure to 
the professional manner, courtesy and gentleness of men like 
Bob Foshko and Ed Dmytryk, 
my choice of careers may have been far different. 
The real world of the film industry is not filled with men like them 
and can use more good men at all levels”. - Gabriel Folse



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